The world renowned Reggae group Black Uhuru (Uhuru: means freedom in Swahili) was formed in Waterhouse, (firehouse) Kingston, Jamaica in 1965. Black Uhuru members were Derrick “Duckie” Simpson, Euvin “Don Carlos” Spencer and Rudolph “Garth” Dennis. These three grew up together in Waterhouse which is known as the “hot bed” for reggae artistes throughout the years. After a couple of years the group members grew apart. Don Carlos went on to a solo career while Garth went on to sing with wailing souls, a group from Trench Town. While “Duckie” Derrick Simpson continued his musical journey as Black Uhuru. Michael Rose, a young singer at the time was then enlisted and Errol Jays Wilson.

The album “Love Crisis” was recorded for prince Jammy’s protégé of famed King Tubbys. One of the best tracks on the album is “I love Selassie” has survived to become the most bonofied reggae anthem. The Black sound of freedom album is a remix of “Love Crisis” album which was released in the UK on Green Sleeves label. After that period, America expatriate, the vivacious Sanda Puma Jones joined “Duckie” Derrick Simpson and Michael Rose who joined forces with Sly and Robbie releasing the best reggae music of the 1980’s. After Black Uhuru won the Grammy award when the reggae category was introduced in 1985, Michael left the group for a solo career.


So another Waterhouse young singer Junior Reid was enlisted for three years. Sandra Puma Jones passed away in 1990 and about that same time the original members, Euvin “Don Carlos” Spencer, Rudolph Garth Dennis and Derrick Simpson came together where they recorded and toured throughout the early nineties.

Once again Black Uhuru went through another change, “Andrew Bees” another product of Waterhouse joined the group.


Black Uhuru performed for thousands both headlining and billing on an extensive 2001 European tour and South American reggae and pop festival tours unleashing their long musical heritage and history upon the world with live shows.”Everybody love Rasta” from the album Dynasty. 2002-2003 Duckie Simpson and Andrew Bees moved on with a new album. After being deported from the United States in 2004 Duckie foolishly came to the aid of Michael Rose who was in the wilderness after two decades.

Black Uhuru did a worldwide press conference, did four major concerts in Jamaica, got two recording contracts; one for twenty five million Jamaican dollars and another for fifteen million Jamaican dollars, which was with Michael Rose. After numerous betrayals of Waterhouse singers the “Gong Gonguile” decided to go forward as a solo act, hence this long awaited new album “Life Is” which can be found on all major music websites.