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Black Uhuru
Black Uhuru

Black Uhuru / Onesty

Does Reggae Rotterdam Festival Holland

Pictures by Danny Creatah


Black Uhuru
Black Uhuru

Belgium Princess Onesty vists Spanish Town Prison

as part of an all female line up to perform for the inmates


Picture with Management Marcia Simpson , Onesty and all female band 


Stylysh and Pamputae also performed 27.07.15


AJANG MUSIC Endorse Reggae Exclusive Magazine






Spade Again

This new and very talented artist has just released his third music video. This song is titled 'One Drop Riddim' and is featured on the 'Not Good Enough ' Riddim produced by Jermaine Forde.


Spade Again is just finishing his album which is going to be a massive hit. 

 All videos are on Vevo so check them out.



Our very own Jermaine Forde has been featured in the Sunday Jamaican Observer. The article covers his career as a music Producer, producing for the likes of Big Ship in Jamaica and Jet Star in the UK, Engineer, engineering for artists & bands like Black Uhuru, Aswad, Mighty Diamonds, Misty in Roots & Julian Marley and Director of his own company Ajang Music Production which he runs with his mother Marcia Simpson.

It also covers his plans for the future, working alongside Bluesteel bridging the gap for music between Europe & Jamaica. His latest album compilation released on 15th November 2013 is Life Starts and can be found on iTunes. It features artists from the UK such as G. Starr, GP, Keylah & Gemstome, Onesty from Europe and artists from Jamaica are Luciano, Spanner Banner, Spade and many more big names, so check it out today.



The new album launching out of the Ajang camp this Autumn is the Life Starts Riddim!

This riddim is both vibrant and cultural and features many talented artists.



Click iTunes to get your copy today!





Brand new video from one of North West London's finest artistes G. Starr is OUT NOW!!

His new single 'NEW GAL' produced by Jermaine Forde/Impact is featured on the Crossbreed Riddim and will soon be hitting your airways, the video is directed by Bluesteel Multimedia.


This music video is here to awaken the true sense of love within, so open up your caring side and enjoy this exquisite Spanner Banner single produced by Ajang Music Production. 

Black Uhuru

A lot has taken place in the Ajang camp over the past weeks and we want to share it with you. 

International company Ajang Music Production has really been hard at work. The company came out with the well-known Dreamland Riddim in conjunction with BlueSteel Records this year and since then it's been positive for them. Ajang is directed by CEO and manager Mrs. Marcia Simpson working out of Jamaica,who is dedicated to the cause of good music. She ensures the daily running is in the correct format thus keeping a good company functional. Head producer Jermaine is to be thanked for the awesome riddims we hear coming out of this great company and he is based in the UK engineering, mixing and mastering away.       

Ajang produced the hit single out by Dutty Fridaze's artist Gage dubbed "BURNING SUN".

The single really took on the Jamaican air-waves and listeners gravitated positively towards it. This of course is to the delight of both teams. Other singles produced by the team is S.Rise's "MOST HIGH" and G. Starr's "THEY CAN'T HOLD ME DOWN" those beautiful songs on the Dreamland riddim among others. They've taken off to a positive growth with the boost of their videos which is something to see.       

In most recent news for Ajang is the steady build-up of the video Heart of A Champion, a single pushed forward by the reggae artist Chrisinti who is under the direction of the team at present. The song is now number two on one of Jamaica's entertainment charts and this is a great achievement worth putting out to the public who we thank for their support. Their latest video is Onesty's single "WHAT LOVE IS". This video is by far one of the best we have seen. The concept speaks for itself thus enlightening the title of the song. In a beautiful English setting centred around a park and a shopping mall showing childhood memories and different ideas of a relationship, this song sums up some true deep meaning. See it for yourself today on youtube as the views and comments are worth sharing.




Recently reggae artiste Chrisinti was featured in the Jamaica Observer with great mentions and focus on his impressive single, “HEART OF A CHAMPION”.

His video is now currenly at #1 on Jamaicans most popular music station Hype TV.

Look out for more from Chrisinti as he is on the move to greater success.


The Ajang Music Production camp has released another great single. Tina Sureda Castello aka ONESTY came to you a few months ago with “Life Starts” but now she wants to find out if you know “What Love Is”. The single distributed by Zojak the world’s leading distribution company was officially released to the public on May 25, 2013, very timely indeed. Onesty who is still soaring on her “Life Starts” single gets a mark for consistency coming with yet another great hit while the other is still being spoken of.
The Belgian artiste, lover of reggae, incorporates the genre in majority of her songs thus creating a great magnetism pulling us all to them. “WHAT LOVE IS”, basically speaks about being in love with a man who is blindly in love with someone else but, this other person only wants him for his riches and not his love. She speaks to the undefined lover expressing her love and tries to show him the light on the fact his present lover doesn’t know what love is. Don’t just take my word for it, grab the hot single from iTunes today and share your own views.
Whether the song is fact or fiction only ONESTY knows so, stick around for our exclusive interview with the artiste soon and be on the lookout for her dynamic album compiled by Ajang Music Production.


This queen of music has been with us for years, giving us great music and drama in her songs. Lady G is loved by many and her voice is just that special thing that brings comfort to those who developed a love for it over the years. Still looking young and beautiful like the years haven’t touched her, Lady G is here to ensure you get good music in a world where a lot of things seem to change for the worse.

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