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This company takes care of entertainers from management, production, show promotion, artist’s development, career encouragement and bookings where necessary. We specialize in the production, management, marketing and promotional aspect of the music. We aim to achieve the highest goals that can be reached in music representation. Through only a fairly new company in the realms of things, formed in December 1999, our efforts are recognizable as a longstanding company, mainly as the directors of the company have spent many years in the business working with other companies and entertainers. Their experiences are as far back as twenty years.


We specialise in voicing, mixing and producing all genres of music. We work with all aspiring artists any style and ability from old to new talent, providing a professional and welcoming environment in our studio. 

We can create backing tracks for original works or cover versions.

We have Pro Tools, Pro Logic and Garage Band, whichever suits your needs.

Bring your songs, lyrics or even just your voice and we can create hit tracks for you.



Studio Hire


The studio is available for hire Monday to Friday 10am-6pm

If you wish to hire the studio and bring your music to life, give us a call or drop us an email for a quote.


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