G Starr was born to Jamaican parents in England, North West London (Harlesden), a place best known for its large West Indian community and great musical history, not to mention its reputation as one of London’s roughest neighbourhoods. It comes as no surprise that he has maintained his strong survival spirit in his music, as it was this same spirit which got him through the harsh environment and daily tribulations that he faced on a daily basis – racism and unemployment to name a few. Strongly and equally influenced by both his mother, a devoted Christian and his father, a Rastafarian, it was not unusual for him to see people singing, dancing and playing instruments to rejoice to God and relieve themselves from the problems and stresses of day to day life, also to attain a higher spiritual meditation. From seeing the daily struggle of living in the poorer side of town, (high unemployment, high crime rate, violence, gun crime and police brutality), it was these experiences which inspired him to seek refuge and entertainment in the sound system circuit, building a sound with childhood friends. When other peers were out committing crimes and were in and out of the prison system, G Starr was busy learning about the world of music. In 2001 he decided to make a move from being a selector to being a artist and to assert himself as a positive influence and a diversion from criminal temptation by his peers. His chosen method was music, as this is what had initially inspired him, spreading the message of good vibes, peace and love to all mankind, social and economic equality and justice through a blend of enchanting melodies. This included an in depth lyrical content which reflected an honest rural flavor.

His biggest musical influences are Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Garnet Silk, Marvin Gaye, Tracy Chapman, Bounty Killer and Nate Dog to name few. His path as an artist has lead him to perform at events such as The Glass House nightclub, Tottenham Park, China White, Rhythm Factory nightclub, Tudor Rose, SilverSpoon nightclub, an anti gun campaign showcase Alixzandrah Palace, numerous Brent community fun days and dancehall events, plus appearances on a number of legal and pirate radio stations. He just recentley completed a UK tour with the big ship family supporting Chino, Ladin, and Freddie Mcgregor. He has also toured with Richi Spice.He is currently working on his debut album soon to be completed. He has recorded for labels such as Peckings, Stingray, Bigship buzwak

records , Map music, Ajang and Bluesteel creating positive music with a solid foundation. In the words of the man himself,” Look out for G Starr, the star of the future.”