Ransford “Junior" Fearon was born in St. Mary, Jamaica on 19th February 1976. His earliest memories of his musical journey began with singing and performing as a student at Oracabessa Primary School. At St. Mary High School he was often called upon to croon tunes for and serenade the ladies. He credits his budding talent to the influences of the late Bob Marley. Junior graduated with a Bachelors Degree (Honours) in Chemistry and Management in 2000 from the University of the West Indies (Mona).

It was while at UWI that he started song writing. Junior’s musical journey continued shortly after leaving UWI where he delved deeper into the Rastafarian faith inspiring him to write more meaningful and conscious lyrics. In January 2003, he received an “epiphany” as he describes it. Junior saw that he could be a strong contributor in the musical realms of keeping reggae at a conscious level. He began work with Horace “Hopeton” Campbell at Double Lion Studios where he recorded some of the tracks listed below. In November 1993 Jr. Fearon entered the Irie FM’s “Big Break” competition and was selected amongst the top 12 out of over 500 entrants. Jr. Fearon’s unparalleled talent will be a force to be reckoned with on the upcoming musical arena. He is managed by Ajang Music Productions.