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Born Marcia Williams on 13th May, in Kingston, Jamaica to Mama G and Stanley Williams a much loved daughter, being the only child for her father and the wash belly for her mother.

At a very early age she travelled to England to join her father there. She attended Salisbury Road Infant School and then Wembley Junior High and continued at Copeland High School in London. Whilst at school she realized her love of music and she got involved with Music & Drama. Upon completing her studies, she pursued a profession in the legal field and worked as a legal secretary for several years. Marcia’s love for the music continued and she was present at the inception of the British international acclaimed group ASWAD, which was born in her living room. Lead singer Brinsley Forde became the father of her first born son Jermaine Forde. Her knowledge of the music industry was expanded whilst working with ASWAD.



Marcia Simpson

In the early 80’s Marcia met Derrick “Duckie” Simpson of Black Uhuru reggaes first Grammy award winning group, which led to their marriage and the birth of her two younger children Ferrari and Derrick Jr and her adoption of Duckie’s two daughters Afua and Ashaki.

Marcia formed a company known as Pyramid and recorded artist such as Capleton in fact Capleton’s song with Pyramid hit the billboard charts, she also worked with Red Rose, Lady Saw and a list of artists. Her next venture was Ingredients Production  this saw the rise of artist such as Mikey Spice, Bushman and Mr. Vegas just to name a few.

Marcia and her son Jermaine along with an associate of his formed Ajang Music Production, Marcia being the CEO of the company.  The first songs to be released on Ajang Production immediately gained popularity in England and Jamaica. Marcia and Jermaine continues to work with the best in the business, and had certainly made a mark in giving acceptance to the artists from England who were never given a chance to be heard anywhere else but England. Ajang’s debut compilation CD which was called “Ajang Part 1” has had its follow up with “Ajang Part II” and also the “Ajang Slam”, which featured artists such as Bushman, General Levy, Spragga Benz, Black Uhuru, Dennis Brown, Chrisinti, Nikki Burt, Marcia Griffiths, and Cutty Ranks.  In addition to that they then released the Sunshine Riddim with various artists, one can say they all will be well appreciated.

Ajang with Marcia at the helm deals with artist management and has worked with artist such as Black Uhuru, Mikey Spice, and Jack Radics she also works as a booking agent for artist big and small.

Marcia’s name and reputation in the industry is well renowned and respected. She is a well known figure and usually people coming to Jamaica to shoot music videos or trying to get hold of any artist will usually seek her out.  She continues in the industry that she loves and is in the forefront of the movement to keep the music alive and at a high standard.

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