Savage was born as Simon Daley in Kingston, capital of Jamaica on August 28th in 1984. He was raised and still lives in the Grants pen Community in Kingston. Where he grew up a midst the music and fellow upcoming and veteran artist like Singing Sweet and Kibaki.

Savage has worked with many Jamaican labels and producers amongst them are top labels and producers like Big Ship, Don-Corleon, Chimney records, JahSnowCone, DJ Frass, So-Unique records, Frass out records and Fagan Fraternity. He has performed live at Reggae Sting (Jamaica’s (maybe even the worlds) largest and most anticipated one day reggae show) and many other big shows across Jamaica.

Savage’s music is futuristic and different. His goal is to make real, quality new aged, versatile and intelligently put together music filled with life and that is felt in the heart. The dark side of his music is truly dark and evil. Every part of his songs has lyrically been deep thought about and is well put together.

Savage loved the music from a tender age and was on the “Art of War” Mix CD clashing (dissing) Portmore empire members like Black Rhyno, Shawn Storm and Deva Bratt. He was running with the Alliance and was introduced to the big league by no one else than di General, Bounty Killer and Flexxx. Flexxx teamed up with Mavado and formed the “Gully Squad”. Every youth in the ghetto loved the gangster style of deejaying and Savage joined the Gully Squad. His debut song was “Gully Christmas” with Flexxx and Movado.

Savage’s music has been greatly inspired and influenced by his friends and fellow artists Bounty Killer, Flexxx, Kibaki, Singing Sweet, Movado and many more. His fans are the next younger generation of dancehall fans and are found all over the world. He has songs out that are also appealing to the European and US markets. Savage’s songs are build around real life experience and creative science fiction fantasy. Savage writes all of his songs himself.